The Palestinian Circus School has a lot of ambitious plans and exciting ideas and we are very committed to make our dreams come true.

Our activities: circus clubs, shows, presentations, summers schools for our students and thorough capacity building for the staff in circus techniques, pedagogic and safety need financial resources.

Many people believe in our cause and have appreciated the dedication, hard work and passion we have for all the activities we carry out and the progress of our students. Yet, a lot of support is needed!


There are many ways you can support our school:

1)    General Financial contributions

Your donations, big and small, all make a difference and are very important to assure the schools daily operation. Staff has to be paid, rent for the location, transportation for the students and the trainers, new circus materials that have to be bought …    

2)     Sponsor the circus education of a child.  

The yearly subscription fee for the circus is 500 NIS (140 USD ~ 110 Euro), and includes 30 weeks of trainings, for 3 to 6 hours a week + a three week intensive summer school for the advanced.

Most of our students are not in the position to pay this amount. They pay less or pay nothing at all. You can contribute to a student to cover their subscription fee at the school, by paying a yearly amount of 140 USD or 110 Euro.  If you want to subscribe to this system, please send us an email to

3)    Contribute to building the future circus school  

We have moved, to the first part of our new future premises. One additional hall of 10 by 17 meters, 9 meters high will soon be built.

The final step is the completion of the entire building, to provide the future program of the school - a full time professional circus education program - the needed space: professional safe training spaces, classrooms, library, storage, changing rooms, a fully equipped performance space / theatre. We have no funding for this part so far, but will be starting up the fundraising for this soon. We hope to see the finalization of this last part in 2014!! 

4)    Donate circus materials

Circus is relatively new in Palestine. All materials we have to purchase have to come from abroad, and are very costly (especially the shipping and taxes). Any circus school or company that has materials available: a trampoline, trapeze, juggling clubs, a tissue, diabolos, or any other materials are more than welcome! If you have materials available, please contact us at 

For contribution and donations, send us an email at or use the following information:

A money transfer to Palestine:

Beneficiary Name:The Palestinian Circus
A/C: 42121
Bank Name: Quds Bank
Swift: ALDNPS22

From the USA:

You can now donate through MECA (Middle East Children’s Alliance) and benefit from a Tax Deduction

                             Donate Now!

If you want to donate through any other way, contact us on 


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